muscle activation techniques (m.a.t.)

MAT is a very specific, non-medical,  bio-mechanically based process of evaluating and treating muscular imbalance. The goal of MAT is to increase the contractile capability of your muscles, resulting in greater efficiency of individual muscles. Doing so allows you to experience more strength, stability, range of motion, and reduced muscle and joint pain.  

During Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT) sessions our Specialists will work to assess and optimize your muscular system, enhancing your recovery from workouts and/or injury and thus enabling improved performance in both day-to-day activities and athletic pursuits.

in layman's terms

Often times pain is caused by dormant muscles, or muscles who's ability to contract has been compromised for one reason or another.  Surrounding muscles then 'step up to the plate' to compensate for this weakness and their overuse can cause pain, tightness, and a reduction in ranges of motion. The purpose of MAT is to identify  'weak links': the muscles that aren't firing at their maximum potential, and give them a jumpstart so they fire again and allow the other, surrounding muscles to fire at more appropriate levels.  Often times this reduces pain, increases range of motion, and increases happiness in previously frustrated clients. 

m.a.t. at kinesis

Although MAT is common in top sports medicine facilities and has been widely accepted by sports teams and athletic training centers around the globe , it's relatively new in fitness and wellness facilities. Not only does kinesis offer MAT, but our Specialists have been treating clients for much, much longer than most MAT Specialists, making them some of the most experienced Specialists not only in DC, but in the nation.  Not only that, but our veteran specialists have personally mentored our more recent MAT graduates, passing along as much of their experience as possible in order to make them good.  Really good.

what to expect in a m.a.t. session

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