Once upon a time, two pilates instructors thought to themselves, and then told one another, "I think we can do better."

Alma Ramos and Lissette Valdes wanted to create a space where clients felt safe and heard, trainers felt respected and valued, and everyone, client and trainer alike, was driven by a single purpose: to do better. To be a better partner, a better boss, a better trainer, a better practitioner, a better family member, a better friend - a better human. Alma and Lissette strive to lead by example, motivate clients, inspire entrepreneurs, work hard, play hard, have fun, have it all, and make it look beautiful and effortless.

How it began: in their words

We were ready.  So when a craigslist ad for a two-level loft space in georgetown posted that looked promising, we responded.  The moment we saw it we knew it was ours - even though it was more than twice the space we imagined we could grow into.  We resolved to see if we could pull it off - the space was way too good to forfeit.  We thank our lucky stars that we did because every day, it got better. 

Our second floor was rocking and rolling from the moment we opened our doors - pilates and MAT were our bread and butter.  But that third floor...  we were curious how we would fill the majority of our space.  It was just the two of us working our tails off and SPACE, lots of SPACE. One by one, trainers with exemplary reputations came.  Inspired by our vision, they breathed life into the third floor.  Kinesis kept getting better, mostly as a result of trainer and client recommendations - which were and continue  to be highly encouraged.  Within months, we had created a new approach to fitness - a concierge approach that allowed for ease of movement between trainers and practitioners within kinesis for a more holistic experience, and referrals within a tight network of like-minded professionals when something that needed to be addressed was beyond our scope of knowledge. 

We opened in January 2015 and until now have relied solely on word of mouth to garner interest in our slow growing, but thoughtful fitness studio. We have had our fair share of growing pains, but we can say, with little shadow of doubt, that everybody here is happy.  We care and it shows. We try to do our very best, and strive to do better, be better, know better - and we hope you will join us in that endeavor, because when you are better, so are we.