what to expect in a m.a.t. session

Our MAT Specialist's have many a tool in their toolboxes, but here is what you can expect in any session: 

Questions -
For example, why are you here? Maybe you have a new pain, or an old pain you just can't seem to ameliorate. Perhaps you've noticed that you can't lift your arm as high as you used to, or that you suddenly can't reach into the backseat of your car from the front seat. Maybe your pilates instructor or your trainer recommended MAT because they saw something funky during one of your sessions. Or maybe you were just curious about that particular line item on the kinesis menu... whatever it was, you scheduled your MAT session for a reason.  Tell your specialist what that reason is - it is informative - it helps them decide how to best spend your time together.

Tests, tests and more tests -
Your Specialist may ask you to show a particular range of motion, like 'cross your arms and twist to the right, then to the left'.  They will definitely ask you to resist a range of motion after putting your body parts in some strange, but not awkward positions.  Testing follows every treatment.  

Palpation - 
After identifying those 'weak links', your Specialist will palpate the attachment site of that muscle.  The time spent on that muscle is dependent on it's length, but even the longest muscle to treat (the iliocostalis, if you were wondering) takes about half a minute.  It may feel like a teeny massage, it may smart.

Isometrics -
A specific positional muscle contraction that requires you to lightly contract and hold a position for 6 seconds. This simple action helps to strengthen the inhibited muscle by increasing the neurological signal between the brain and the muscle.

You'll love it - 
There's something about having your body worked on so precisely, with such a specific goal in mind, that feels great.

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