liz clain-stefanelli

pilates instructor / redcord active


Liz Clain-Stefanelli was first exposed to Pilates through her dance training at the Washington School of Ballet. She continued her Pilates education in the Maryland and DC area throughout her dance training. It was not until she started dancing professionally that she could truly understand the wide range of benefits Pilates had to offer to a dancer and, in turn, to anyone wanting to maintain a healthy body.

  Liz has completed a Bachelors of Arts degree in Dance from Mercyhurst University, which prepared her for her professional dance career with Ballet Theatre of Maryland, Charlottesville Ballet, Berrend Dance Theatre and Bowen McCauley Dance.         

Through her love of dance she became more educated in Pilates and the benefits of keeping her body strong and injury free. She received her Power Pilates Comprehensive Mat and Apparatus training in Annapolis and Bethesda, MD. Always looking to gain a deeper knowledge of Pilates and wellness through training, workshops, and the master teacher trainers in the DC area. Liz strives to create a wholehearted, fun, and individualized session for each client to leave feeling energized, strong, and better physically and mentally than when they walked in. 



pilates - $115 / redcord - $115
private sessions at the platinum bank level