lissette valdes

owner / pilates instructor / Redcord active



  • Power Pilates Comprehensively Certified

  • Physical Culture Kettlebells Certified

  • Redcord Active Trainer


  • Resistance Training Specialist 1

  • AMN - Applied Movement Neurology

  • The Pilates Standard LEAP with Bob Liekens

Lissette came to pilates, and later, to owning a studio in a round-about way.  She has held many a position, none of which were athletic - from VIP Manager in a nightclub, HR assistant manager at a prestigious law firm, bridal consultant, owner of a promotional modeling agency, and behavioral neuroscientist...  just to name a few. It wasn't until she took a part-time job at a pilates studio while she was getting her company off the ground that she found her forever career.  

Lissette joined Studio Lotus, Atlanta to run their marketing and client retention programs. Hoping to get into shape, she cleverly proposed a new program to the owners, Danielle and Davidson Reid, to test the Pilates Promise: In 10 sessions you'll feel a difference, in 20 sessions you'll see a difference, in 30 sessions you'll have a whole new body. She offered to be the inaugural participant (free pilates!), and by session 15 she was hooked.  The owners, recognizing her interest, asked if she would consider running one of their satellite studios. Nine months later she was a fully certified Power Pilates instructor, teaching full time and running Studio Lotus's flagship studio.

Lissette moved to DC in 2011 and continued teaching pilates.  Having taken every Power Pilates continuing education course twice from the talented Davidson Reid, Anne Brendle and Bob Liekens, she has branched out to learning from other master pilates trainers not affliated with Power Pilates such as the late Julian Littleford, among others. 

Lissette's signature teaching style strikes the balance of delivering a precision-focused workout that is safe and very challenging, while being light and fun. After all, it's just a workout!

price per session

pilates - $120 / redcord - $120
privates sessions at the Platinum Level