alma ramos

owner / m.a.t. specialist / pilates instructor / redcord active


  • MS, Parkinsons, and other neurological conditions and auto-immune diseases

  • individuals undergoing cancer treatment and cancer survivors


  • JL Body Conditioning Pilates Certified

  • Power Pilates Comprehensively Certified

  • MAT Mastery Level Certification

  • MATRX Hand & Foot

  • Redcord Active Certified


  • RTS - JumpStart, Trunk, Upper & Lower Limbs

  • AMN - Applied Movement Neurology

  • The Pilates Standard LEAP with Bob Liekens

  • numerous courses in Anatomy, Pilates Cont Ed, etc.

Alma has been practicing pilates for 28 years and teaching for 12. While training with San Francisco Ballet, Alma used pilates to build strength for her ballet practice and, later, to rehabilitate injuries.  Building on her experience in ballet, she studied pilates under the late Julian Littleford, adapting his methodology into her own teaching. Alma was lead trainer and manager at Julian's Del Mar, California studio.  In addition to her mentorship with Julian, Alma is  certified in all levels of Power Pilates based on the classical teaching method.  Alma's approach to pilates is that every student is different and has unique needs.  Her teaching style touches on both the classical and contemporary work.

Alma studied and received certification in Muscle Activation Techinique (MAT) under Greg Roskoff, founder of the MAT method, and has taken all mastery level courses as well as MATRX Foot and Hand.  Her thirst for knowledge and curiosity regarding human anatomy and biomechanics led her to take other mastery courses such as Resistance Training Specialists (RTS) and cadaver lab.  Alma also holds a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Dance with a minor in Exercise and Health Science from the University of California, Santa Barbara.  Her education in anatomy and biomechanics has taught her to respect the boundaries and limitations of the body and to know when it is appropriate to progress a client to a more intense workout.  

Having co-owned another studio, she saw a need for something different.  Kinesis has unique appeal, with diverse modalities - an approach that respects classical pilates but also incorporate adaptations that give clients what they need to improve, heal and rehabilitate their bodies.

Whether you are a new or seasoned client, Alma's thoughtful and effective approach offers something for everyone.


m.a.t. - $145 / pilates - $125 / redcord - $125
private sessions at the platinum bank level