primal movement training

The body should be capable of doing anything without limitations.  We should be able to run, jump and play without sustaining nagging injuries.  The body is made to be powerful, durable and resilient.  When we are 70 years old, our bodies should still have all of these qualities.  

Even before we are born, we build a huge movement foundation and vocabulary through movement patterns like lifting our heads, rolling, rocking and crawling.  At the same time these movements are developing our bodies, they are also developing our brains.  The better you move, the better your brain functions and vice-versa.

Movement truly is life.  It shapes everything about us: our brains, our bodies, who we are as people, our emotions, our hormones, even our mental health.  But, by the age of 5, we do something very unnatural; we learn to sit 6-8 hours a day while we begin “learning” in school.  The movement patterns we developed as a child are suddenly put aside and we learn a new pattern: sitting.  We spend years sitting over a computer, in a car, in a chair and on a couch.  We become stuck in the seated position – tech neck, adult fetal position, etc.  We are not designed to sit still for 6-8 hours everyday and as a result we lose our movement patterns and we become tight, inflexible, stiff and stressed out.

Primal movement allows us to press “reset” and stimulate dormant movement patterns such as crawling, diaphragmatic breathing and rolling on the ground.  This “reset” will unlock tightness and open up a new world of movement.  Once you have woken these dormant movement patterns, you will re-discover the strength and resiliency you once had as a youngster.


primal movement is typically practiced in conjunction with other exercise modalities, like kettlebells training or more traditional strength and conditioning

it's also more interesting than the photos suggest :)