monique bulette

pilates instructor / yoga teacher

Monique is a BASI CTTC certified Pilates Instructor with a passion for health, wellness, and fitness.  After graduating from Seattle University with a Bachelors in psychology, she started working in the corporate world and fell into a sedentary lifestyle that so often accompanies a desk job.  Looking for a change, she started taking pilates classes and instantly fell in love. Monique spent years attending classes on her journey to find health, happiness, and balance. Looking for the next challenge, she decided to pursue a group fitness and pilates certification and began teaching in September of 2012.  As a result, Monique decided to make a complete career change.  She moved from Seattle to work towards her doctorate in Physical Therapy at George Washington University.  She aims to apply her knowledge of fitness, with her background in psychology, to help people live injury free, active, healthy lives.