leah cowburn

pilates instructor


I grew up in New York City and New Jersey and have been in DC for 3 years. I was a competitive horseback rider and played basketball and tried lots of other sports. I’ve always had a fascination with science and how the body works, as well as a love for animals so I became a veterinarian. From a decade plus of school and spending so much time sitting, I developed a back problem and have chronic herniated discs. After years of medications and physical therapy, nothing was helping until I started Pilates. I started feeling improvement in my back pain and became much stronger in weeks. I realized Pilates is a science too and an understanding of anatomy and body function is crucial to being able to teach effectively, so I chose to start a second career teaching Pilates. The instructors at Kinesis helped me so much and inspired me to develop a love for Pilates. I realize how much it can improve someone’s life and there is no greater reward for me than helping people. Outside of Pilates and being a veterinarian, I play tennis and love to cook. 


pilates - $100
private sessions at the platinum bank level