private kettlebells training

Experience an entire gym in the palm of your hand.


explosive kettlebell movements (swings, cleans and snatches) generate an enormous amount of force and subsequently present an extreme challenge to the whole body resulting in relatively quick gains in strength.


the intensity of explosive kettlebell movements translate into a more powerful, more resilient heart, which allows you to sustain vigorous activity for longer periods of time.

fat loss

combined with a healthy diet, kettlebell training provide a fast, reliable and highly effective way to burn fat and build lean muscle

total body

consistent kettlebell training builds both mental and physical toughness, boosts energy, and allows you to handle high stress with relative ease


proper kettlebell training reinforces natural movement patterns, which results in greater safety and proficiency in any athletic endeavor

why is it a favorite?

because it's impossible to NOT to feel like a badass when swinging iron


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