jenn schwartz

m.a.t. specialist / personal trainer


Jennifer Schwartz developed her love for health and fitness while growing up as a fierce competitor on the soccer field. She played throughout her youth and later for the the Maryland State and regional teams. Her talent and hard work allowed her to win a division II scholarship and she had walk-on trials for European club teams.

Tragedy struck at age 20 when Jenn lost her mother.  Afterwards she took a hard look at life and decided to commit herself to her passion for soccer. Upon leaving undergrad at Goldey-Beacom College, she tried her hand at playing overseas. Although her professional soccer career did not take off, it allowed her to learn about what it takes to be a female athlete.

After a very serious knee injury and an extensive rehab in her early years of playing, Jenn developed a strong interest in injury rehabilitation and the science behind it. At 23, Jenn enrolled at the Physical Therapy program at Marymount University to pursue that interest.  A few years into her studies she suffered a second knee injury which caused her to give up much of the activity that she enjoyed. She realized that despite her knowledge of Physical Therapy techniques, there had to be something missing from the equation. Through a twist of fate she discovered the missing link to not only rehabbing her injury faster, but to also building her body up to avoid future injuries- the life changing practice of Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT).

Despite being told she would need surgery on her knee, she used MAT and advanced exercise training methods to recover and she has never had to have the surgery on her knee.  She has since lived an active life without restrictions. After having such incredible results using MAT on her own body,  Jenn knew that she wanted to bring MAT to the world of not just high level athletes, but anyone suffering from an injury and wanting to recover quickly and avoid another one.   The process of building up her body and maintaining strength taught her so much about what it takes to get better.  After this she knew that she wanted to pursue a career helping others do the same thing.

In 2009 she launched Impact Fitness and since then Jenn has helped a large array of clients gain strength, flexibility, recover from injuries, return to active lifestyles and achieve their goals that some even thought would be impossible.  Her clients have included Olympic level athletes, young competitive soccer players, NFL players, weekend warriors, moms ready to focus on their own body and everything in between.

price per session

m.a.t. - $145 / training - $120
private sessions at the platinum level